About No Utility Bills Inc.
Registered trade names include: Wild Rose Hydronics & Wild Rose Solar

No Utility Bills has been a provider of heating systems since 1990.
We are a full time "Alternative Energy Solution Provider" since April of 2002.
Promoting economical alternative heating and power solutions.

We are located in the Lyall Subdivision on the outskirts of the town of Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

Our staff includes a Hydronic Designer, Hydronic Installer with over 20 years experience,
a WETT Certified Inspector and WETT Certified Installer.

We usually have in stock all the parts and accessories for the products we sell.
We can provide knowledgeable assistance in the design, installation, operation,
service and repair of the products and accessories we sell.

We primarily serve Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon & Territories.
Although We currently have products and satisfied customers located from
East to West from: Morell, Prince Edward Island to Vancouver, British Columbia
North to South from: North Pole, Alaska to St Marys, Tasmania, Australia

This website was originally "christened" in April of 2005.

Those of you who have visited our website from the original publishing have seen that it is an
ever growing project with our ever expanding alternative energy solutions product line.

If you are looking for a specific product that is not on the website, please contact us,
as it does not mean we do not carry it or a similar product.

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