Considerations When Purchasing a Space Heater

Consumers should be aware of the following hazards when buying and using electric,
fuel oil, gas, grain, kerosene, propane or wood space heaters:

1. Fires and burns are caused by contact with or close proximity to the flame,
heating element, or hot surface area.

2. Fires and explosions caused by flammable fuels or defective wiring.
(Check that the unit has been tested and is ULC and UL certified.)

3. Indoor air pollution caused by improper venting or incomplete combustion of fuel-burning equipment.

4. If all the heating appliances in the building have their own sealed combustion air and exhaust
pipe connected directly to outside, they cannot directly affect the air quality of the building.

5. When useing a solid fuel burning appliance in a building, which has inadequate conbustion air
for all of the buildings heating equipment, there is the potential for a down draft to be created on the
chimneys of any gas, oil fuel-burning equipment in the building causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

If a solid fuel burning appliance is back drafting you will likely die from smoke inhilation
long before you would die of the carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the appliance.

Determining Btu demand (Sizing your appliance)

Potential BTU output and costs of various fuel sources

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