Air Quality
Moisture / Excess Moisture
Too much moisture in your home can reduce its durability and your comfort. Though some moisture is normal, excess moisture can accumulate and cause numerous problems.

Excessive moisture should be considered a pollutant! It encourages the growth of mould,
mildew and other organisms, which can cause health concerns like allergies and asthma.

Excess moisture in the basement or crawlspace is of particular concern to both the structure and the health of the occupants. High levels of moisture in this area may lead to damage of the floor system that are typically very expensive repairs. Excess moisture and water in this area is also a hidden health concern. Most of our heating and air conditioning equipment is located in this area resulting in nearly perfect distribution of mould or other bacteria through out the home

A HRV acts to exchange stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air.

An ERV like the Smart ERV acts to exchange stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air, while controlling moisture, resulting in better indoor air quality. Germs, dust allergens and other airborne impurities that can build up overtime are removed.

For the best indoor air quality, choose an ERV.

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