Alderlea Wood Stoves by Pacific Energy

For more than 30 years Pacific Energy has challenged, then exceeded the traditional assumptions about wood heat.
With a history of innovation is evident in industry-leading features, the choice of the finest materials,
a close eye on environmental responsibility, a commitment to creating efficient and
convenient appliances that fit your style and warm your life.

Alderlea T4
1.5 cu.ft. 56,000 Btu
Alderlea T5
2.1 cu.ft. 72,000 Btu
Alderlea T6
3.0 cu.ft. 99,000 Btu

The result is a series of industry firsts.
First Glass Air Wash System – because a beautiful fire should be seen
First Floating Firebox Design – longer stove life with unrestricted thermal expansion
First Air Tight Ash Removal System – for quick, clean maintenance of your stove
First Extended Burn Technology – maximum efficiency for longer burns

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