Wood Doctor Is No Longer In Business
This Is A Discontinued Product Line

Wood Doctor was a "Brand Name" they never manufactured the boilers they marketed.
Over the life of the brand they hired and used several manufacturers to build the boilers they marketed.

If you have a problem with a "Wood Doctor Boiler" you will need to try contact Wood Doctor directly.
Warranty for boilers marketed and sold as "Wood Doctor Boilers" was provided by Wood Doctor.

We are now handling the Polar Line of Canadian Manufactured Wood Boilers

The Polar Line has both EPA and Non-EPA boilers constructed with 1/4" certified boiler plate.
Constructed by the same manufacturer that "Wood Doctor" had building their boilers for them.
(Prior To Circa September 2011)

The associated product pages are provided for our previous customers convenience.

We carry "electronic parts" and door gasket kits that are the direct replacement
for the "Wood Doctor" brand name boilers.

Wood Doctor - HE-5000 Equivalent product = Polar Downdraft - G2
Wood Doctor - HE-8000 Equivalent product = Polar Downdraft - G3
Wood Doctor - HE-10000 Equivalent product = Polar Downdraft - G3
Wood Doctor - Regular Equivalent product = Polar Regular
Wood Doctor - Medium Equivalent product = Polar Medium
Wood Doctor - Extra Large Equivalent product = Polar Large
Wood Doctor - Industrial Equivalent product = Polar Commercial

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