Service & Support
We service and support the products we handle.
We stock key replacement parts for our main product lines.

Most product issues can be resolved by taking the time to thoroughly read the installation instructions and the trouble shooting section of the product manual.

We ask that you thoroughly read the product manual and literature before contacting us for support.
If the problem could have been resolved by taking the time to thoroughly read the product manual,
we will at our discretion discontinue to offer service and support without a signed service contract!

Should you have misplaced the product manual, there should be a link to it from the page of the product on this website.

The product manual should also have a copy of the product warranty which tell you whether the potential problem is covered under warranty. It should also indicate whether you are to deal directly with the manufacturers warranty department (some manufacturers prefer to deal directly with the consumer), or whether we are to assist you with the matter. If we cannot solve your problem, we will direct you to someone who can.

Typical Hours of Business

Contact Information

Service Cell Phone - Available to customers with service contract only!
We go the extra mile to make you our satisfied customer, but we do not offer 24/7/365 service & support!

Service & support after hours is available at our standard "after hour service call rates"
with a minimum charge for the phone call, even if your problem cannot be solved!
You will need to have signed a service contract to get after hours service! Contact us should you wish to enter into a service contract.

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