Vertical Loop System

Pond Loop System

Horizontal Loop System

Slinky Loop System

Open Loop System

Types of Geothermal Systems

Geothermal technology harnesses the ground’s consistent temperature.
Heat pumps can be installed in a variety of configurations, depending on your particular needs and the site conditions of your property.

A Closed Loop System is for you if:
• There is no readily available water source
• How it works – circulates a water and antifreeze solution through a closed loop of pipe

A Vertical Loop is for you if:
• Space is limited

A Pond Loop is for you if:

• The body of water has sufficient depth
• The pond is close to the house

A Horizontal or Slinky Loop is for you if:
• Land area is sufficient – about 1/4 to 3/4 acres is usually enough for the average sized home

An Open Loop System is for you if:
• You have a readily available source of ground water such as a lake or well
• The water source has adequate capacity to support the system
• How it works – open pipes draw water in and discharge it, exchanging heat

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