The Smart ERV

Using a poly wheel with desiccant coating, the SMART ERV rotates between incoming and outgoing air streams to pump out stale air and pump in fresh air while capturing up to
80 percent of the energy within the exhaust.

The two standard 10" x 20" x 1" pleated filters can remove airborne particles as small as
five microns. The advanced frost-control system ensures the SMART ERV will work
efficiently even during sub-zero days.

SMART ERV poly energy recovery wheel recycles the energy in the exhaust air. Recycled
energy reduces fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable building.

The Smart ERV automatically pre-tempers incoming air in all seasons, prevents humidity from entering in the summer and keeps humidity inside during winter. The variable speed fan means that one unit will accommodate all applications (large or small homes)

SMART ERV can be easily attached to a new or existing home's heating and cooling system.

Maintenance is a breeze with features that include:
Self-monitoring indicator on the control panel proves wheel rotation
Separate indicator alerts when a clean filter is required
Removable, washable wheel
Two individually-controlled blower motors
Temperature sensors
Door safety interlock
Selectable defrost mode
Service override switches
Computer port for service troubleshooting

Compare the Smart ERV to the Competition

The SMART ERV poly rotary wheel with desiccant coating has 70% - 80% total recovery efficiency, while typical cross flow ventilators have only 45% - 60% efficeincy.

Ventilation Capacity*

CFM @ 0.0 (Max)

CFM @ 0.6 (Min)



Sensible Efficiency (heating)

CFM @ 200

CFM @ 150



Latent Efficiency (cooling)

CFM @ 200

CFM @ 150



Total Efficiency (enthalpy)

CFM @ 200

CFM @ 50



Electrical Ratings

@ 6 AMPS

120 VAC


Shipping (lbs)

Net (lbs)



ETL Certified per UL 1812 and CAN/CSE C349.00

Warranty: 5 year on desiccant wheel and 1 year on all other parts

SMART ERV Brochure - PDF File (1857 kb)
SMART ERV Owners Manual - PDF File (54 kb)
SMART ERV Installation Manual - PDF File (227 kb)
SMART ERV Installation Training - PDF File (464 kb)

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