Nordica Wood Fireplaces & Stoves
Discontinued Product Line
We are not sure how Nordica treat's the consumers of their product lines,
(not to be confused with La Nordica Stoves)
but we will not carry a product line of any manufacturer whose
representative thinks he can verbally abuse one of our employees!

Considering the complete lack of consumer interest in their product line and next to no internet
( We receive 28,000 + website page views a month with less than 30 page views being of Nordica products)
exposure by dealers, distributors or even the consumers of their products showing up on the internet,
they may find it benificial if they treat dealers who are actually marketing their products with more respect!

We have left product specifications and manuals are available on the
product pages for those consumers that may still need the information.

2.7 cu.ft. - 68,000 Btu
2.7 cu.ft. - 68,000 Btu
Rustic 1600
2.4 cu.ft. - 70,000 Btu
Tradition 1600
2.4 cu.ft. - 70,000 Btu
Rustic 2100
2.8 cu.ft. - 80,000 Btu
Tradition 2100
2.8 cu.ft. - 80,000 Btu

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