Sorry We No Longer Carry Global Hydronics Products

As far as we know Global Hydronics is still in buisness,
although their boilers are no longer manufactured.

If you have a problem with the boiler you will need to contact Global Hydronics.

The "Equivalent product" links are the direct replacement for the "Global Hydronics" brand name products.

We are now handling the Polar Line of Canadian Manufactured Wood Boilers

The Polar Line has both EPA and Non-EPA boilers constructed with 1/4" certified boiler plate.
Constructed by the same manufacturer that "Wood Doctor" had building their boilers for them.
(Prior To Circa September 2011)

We carry parts that are the direct replacement for the "Global Hydronics" brand name boilers.

The associated product pages are provided for our previous Global Hydronics customers convenience.

Global Hydronics - GH-750 Equivalent product = Polar Regular
Global Hydronics - GH-1000 Equivalent product = Polar Medium
Global Hydronics - GH-2000 Equivalent product = Polar Large
Global Hydronics - GH-3000 Equivalent product = Polar Commercial
Global Hydronics - GH-4000 Equivalent products = HeatMaster MFe SS Boilers

We are now handling the Titan Line of Canadian Manufactured Coal Stoker Boiler
The Titan Line is almost the identical boilers made from 1/4" certified boiler plate.
Global Hydronics - CF-1000 Equivalent product = Titan I Model Multi-Fuel 16" Stoker Boiler
Global Hydronics - CF-2000 Equivalent product = Titan II Model Multi-Fuel 20" Stoker Boiler

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