Harman Grain & Multi-Fuel Stoves

Harman PC45 Pellet & Cereal Stove
Even though the PC45 is first and foremost a state-of-the-art grain burning stove,
it becomes a state of the art 50,000 Btu pellet burning stove with the included pellet optimisation kit.

*New / Old Stock
45,000 Btu

Harman Pellet Stove Product Line
All Harman Pellet Appliances are capable of burning a
50% Grain and Pellet Fuel Mixture.

The only restriction being you have to ensure you have a grain & multi-fuel vent installed.
Which is different then pellet vent!

Absolute 43 Cast Iron
43,000 Btu

Accentra Cast Iron
40,000 Btu

48,000 Btu

XXV Cast Iron
50,000 Btu

43,000 Btu

61,000 Btu

68,000 Btu

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