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Envirotec EN-5775 Grain Burning Heater Page

Sorry we no longer carry this grain stove product line.

Front View
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Envirotec Model 5775
Height 40"
Width 32.5"
Depth 26"
Flue Size 3" - Direct Vent
Weight 370 lbs. (with base)
Maximum Capacity 60,000 BTU/hour
Side Clearance 0"
Rear Clearance 1"
Front Clearance 48"
Available Colors Black
Electrical Rating 120V/60Hz/2.5amps

Front - Side View
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Made in CanadaFeatures Include:            

- Affordable             - Safe to operate                  

- Easy to install                 - No creosote build-up

- No chimney is required - A direct vent is all that is needed

- Oxygen for combustion is taken from outside, not from your living area

- Environmentally friendly - 92% energy efficient

- Can be installed almost anywhere in your home, cottage or workshop

- Grain burning stoves leave behind an ash content of less than 2%,
compared to wood logs at 15%

- Envirotec Model 5775 is a ULC and UL "Listed Space Heater".
(A space heater is a self-contained, free standing air heating appliance)

- The units are so safe, they are approved for zero clearance installation

- The top of this stove remains cool enough you can place
ornaments, pictures, plants, etc. on it.
(In fact the only thing on this stove that gets hot is the front face of the unit.)

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