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Typical Outdoor Hydronic Central Heating System Installations

Procedures and components required to install a hydronic central heating system include:

1) Selecting a central heating boilers site location - considerations are:

     a) Boiler should ideally be located closer to your largest heating demand (affects pump & line sizing)

     b) Boiler location needs to be a non-combustible area - concrete pad or gravel typically
     d) prevailing winds (does wind blow from boiler site towards your buildings?)
     e) will local bylaws allow you to install an outdoor boiler? Even if it is EPA Approved?
     f) will the boiler the location inconvenience any of your neighbors?

Insulated underground building service piping (typically set of lines supply & return run to each building being serviced).
3) Excavation & backfill for installing insulated underground building service piping.
4) Boiler glycol - what concentration?
5) Boiler system pumps & boiler connections. (pump(s) sized to deliver required Btu / heat transfer to buildings and conventional heating equipment allowing for component and piping flow restriction)
6) Heat exchanger(s) sized (radiators for furnaces, side arms or plate exchangers for domestic hot water, plate exchangers for boilers, shell-n-tube exchangers for pools & hot tubs, baseboard fin, air handlers, etc.) to connect and deliver the required Btu to your conventional heating system.
7) Inside piping and fittings (typically 1" copper pipe) supply and return from the insulated underground piping building penetration, to the heat exchanger(s) location(s).
8) Additional system controls & components (mixing valves &/or controls for slab heating, zone valves, etc.)
9) Installation design drawings (component installation drawings provided with purchase)
10) Installation labor - professional or install yourself with the help of friends and family?
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