USSC Coal Stoves

In a Non-EPA Legislated area you can still use a coal stove to burn wood.

In a EPA Legislated area you can legally burn wood only to start the coal stove.
Which is the why most manufactures are now stating their stoves are coal only stoves.

USSC B2350 Coal & Wood Stove
4.08 cu.ft. 105,000 Btu

It is not practical or efficeint to purchase a coal stove to burn only wood:

a) a coal stove is not designed to provide the proper secondary burning of the gasses created
during the initital wood burning process, thus creating more emmisions out the appliance chimney.

b) nor can a coal stove extract the extra heat created by the burning of the secondary wood gases,
which will result in shorter burn times and less heat generated per volume of wood burned.

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