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Product Service

We provide maintenance, service and repairs for the products we sell.

Consumers are able to perform maintainance and service on most products themselves.

Maintainance and servicing instructions are typically described in the product manual.

Product trouble shooting instructions are also typically described in the product manual.

Aditional instructions are typically available (pdf files, videos, etc.)
on how to perform maintenance, service and repairs on the product.

To eliminate travel time costs, technical support is provided for products and parts we sell if:
a) the consumer wishes to hire a local qualified service technician or
b) chooses to perform their own maintenance, service or repairs.

Consumers are required perform all maintenance, service and trouble shooting
as decribed in the product manual, prior to calling us for technical support.

Any product maintenance, service and repairs we are required to perform is subject to:
1) the cost of replacement parts (unless covered by warranty)
2) current travel time rates
3) current repair time rates

All consumers are to read the most current product manual prior to purchasing the product.