We no longer carry the Portage & Main product line.

This is due to a distributor who does not appreciate the benefits of a dealership network.

We were a stocking dealer from 2006 to 2010 when we finally sold our last Portage & Main boiler.

We honestly have nothing bad to say about the construction of the Portage & Main Outdoor Boilers we sold.

Some of the reasons we would not recommend anyone become a Portage & Main dealer while the current distributor is in place.

The Portage & Main distributor constantly trying to sell direct to the customer, saying we had no stock in order to bypass us dealers!

The lowest point being the Edmonton Farm & Ranch Show in the spring of 2009,
in which there were two of us Portage & Main dealers displaying and advertising Portage & Main products and
Portage & Main distributor showed up at the show - selling boilers at $500.00 less than our dealer cost, plus free freight!
Just about impossible to believe a business can operate without ethics, except we have the evidence to prove it!

To our knowledge Portage & Main Outdoor Boilers are still being manufactured by Piney Manufacturing Ltd,
although the Natural Draft Wood Boilers and Wood Boilers with Stoker Openings have been discontinued.
If you have a problem with your boiler, you will need to contact Portage & Main directly.

The associated product pages are provided for our previous Portage & Main customers convenience.

The "Equivalent product" links are the direct replacement for the "Portage & Main" brand name products.

We are now handling the HeatMaster G-Series, GS-Series & MFe Line of Wood & Coal Boilers
Portage & Main - ML30 Equivalent product = Polar Medium
Portage & Main - ML36 Equivalent product = Polar Large
Portage & Main - ML42 Equivalent product = Polar Commercial

We are now handling the HeatMaster B-Series Biomass, Coal & Multi-Fuel Stoker Boilers
Portage & Main - ML36S Equivalent product = Biomass, Coal & Multi-Fuel Stoker Boiler
Portage & Main - ML42S Equivalent product = Biomass, Coal & Multi-Fuel Stoker Boiler

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