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Titan Combustion Air Fans

Titan boilers may have two combustion blowers.

The main blower is located on the auger tube and blows air along the tube and
up through the slots on the burn head. There is also a cross over air tube that
takes a small amount of this air and blows it into the auger tube to maintain
positive air pressure in the tube. To adjust the air flow into the burn chamber
each blower has an adjustable restrictor plate on the air intake of the blower.

The optional over fire air blower is located on the back of the unit and
will inject air into the fire box near the top of the flame to give a more
complete burn when the main blower can not provide adequate air for combustion.
This is normally when the air flow of the main blower as been turned
down to stop high air flow from blowing lighter unburned fuel off the burn head
(such as wood pellets or other pelletized fuel). It can also improve the burning of
coal in the event of excessive clinkers.