Vermont Castings Wood Stoves

The natural, even warmth of cast iron is enhanced with thermostatically regulated combustion air and the Vermont Castings signature conveniences of top wood loading and ash handling make these stoves a great choice.

Vermont Castings Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves
1.7 cu.ft. 18,000 Btu
Front Load

Resolute Acclaim
1.7 cu.ft. 40,000 Btu
Top & Front Load

Vermont Castings Catalytic Wood Stoves ensure that more smoke and combustible
gasses are converted to useable heat under conditions where other stoves simply cannot.
Intrepid Catalytic
1.3 cu.ft. 27,000 Btu
Top & Front Load

Vermont Castings 2N1 Wood Stoves can operated in one of two modes as either as Catalytic or Non-Catalytic
Encore 2N1
2.3 cu.ft. 65,000 Btu
Top & Front Load
Defiant 2N1
3.2 cu.ft. 75,000 Btu
Top & Front Load

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