Jøtul Wood Stoves
Jøtul is one of the worlds oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces.
Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, fine craftsmanship and the art of coping with the cold for over 160 years.
Jøtul has been producing stoves, inserts and fireplaces from cast iron since 1853.

Traditional Cast Iron Stoves
F 100 Cast Iron
.85 cu.ft. 35,000 Btu

F 118-CB Cast Iron
1.47 cu.ft. 55,000 Btu

F 3-CB Cast Iron
1.25 cu.ft. 42,000 Btu

F 370 Cast Iron
1.25 cu.ft. 35,000 Btu

F 400 Cast Iron
1.77 cu.ft. 55,000 Btu

F 500 Cast Iron
2.54 cu.ft. 70,000 Btu
Side & Front Load

F 600 Cast Iron
2.97 cu.ft. 81,500 Btu
Side & Front Load

F 602 Cast Iron
.82 cu.ft. 28,000 Btu

Cast Iron & Steel Stoves
F 45 Cast & Iron
2.2 cu.ft. 55,000 Btu

F 50 TL Cast & Iron
2.67 cu.ft. 83,000 Btu
Top & Front Load

F 55 Cast & Iron
2.97 cu.ft. 83,000 Btu

Why choose a cast iron stove?
Cast iron is an extremely suitable material that endures high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature.
That's why Jøtul chooses cast iron for their stoves.

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